Please clean your cutting board after usage with usual detergent and water. After that, just wipe it dry. If the cutting board has gotten very wet, simply set it up on the narrow long side so that the two cutting surfaces can dry.

Depending on use, the cutting surfaces become dull and lose their gloss. The gloss appears gain when olive oil is applied thinly to the board (with a cloth). This can be repeated several times.

Instructions for use

It is not recommended to use a serrated knife on the cuttingboard, as this will result in visible cuts!

The cutting board must nocht be in the dishwasher!

Do not place very hot pots pans on the cutting board!

The cutting board can bulge slightly (less than 1 mm) if it is left in water / juice etc. for a long time. Just wash it and set it up as described above. Let it dry and it will straighten up again.